07RN8-F 450/750V

Flexible rubber insulated and sheathed cables
07RN8-F 450/750V
Based on EN 50525-2-21



Conductors:                    Annealed flexible stranded bare copper class 5 to EN 60228
Insulation:                    Ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) type EI4 in acc. To EN 50363-1
Circuit identification:        Black with white numbering
Outer jacket:                  A synthetic thermosetting compound type EM2 in acc. To EN 50363-2-1
Colour of outer jacket:        Black
Flame propagation:             EN 60332-1-2:2004, IEC 60332-1-2:2004
Standard Marking:              Kable 3 CE 07RN8-F (Size) (Year)

                               For cable diameter D (mm)

Minimum bending radius:

D<8 8<12 12<20  D>20

For fixed installation:

3D 3D 4D 4D

At inlet of portable appliance or mobile
equipment. No mechanical load on cable

4D 4D 5D 6D

Under mechanical load

6D 6D 6D 8


  • Excellent flexibility
  • Water resistant and flame retardant
  • Temperature range -25°C to + 90°C. For fixed installation lowest temperature is -40°C
  • UV, sunlight, ozone, oil resistant
  • Ink jet printed for easy identification


  • Heavy duty flexible cables are suited for use medium mechanical stress specially for the connection of
    submersibe motor pumps for construction site drainage down to a water (clean or dirty) depth of about 10m,
    in some cases may by use up to 500m (without approvals) and the maximum water temperature upt o 40°!C.
  • The cables may be rated 0,6/1 kV where the installation has been built in protection and for motors lifting
    appliances-machine tools etc.
  • Other industrial applications


Number and cross-sectional area of conductor:            3 x 2,5mm + 4 x 1,5mm
Maximum diameter of wires:                               0,26mm
Nominal thickness of insulation:                         2,5 mm²/0,9mm    1,5 mm²/0,8mm (1,1)
Nominal thickness of sheath:                             2,8mm
Approximate overall diamter:                             18,3mm
Approximate net weight:                                  429 kg/km
Maximum conductor resistance at temperature 20°C:        2,5mm²/7,98 Ohm/km   1,5mm²/13,3 Ohm/km

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